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Things to do in Sittingbourne, kent

12 Things to do in Sittingbourne, Kent (2024)

 12 Things to do in Sittingbourne, Kent

Sittingbourne is widely known for being an industrial town, but it also has an extraordinary look and rich history. It’s actually close to the Roman Watling Street, which was an ancient trackway used by the Anglo-Saxons and Romans. Over the years, Sittingbourne has evolved into one of the most interesting towns within the UK, with great business opportunities. Plus, there are lots of great things to do and see while in Sittingbourne as well. That brings the question, what are the best options to focus on when visiting this town? Let’s find out!

Go to the Old Forge War Time House

The idea here is that you get to enter a home which brings you back to the WW2 times. They have re-enactors that help you explore various aspects of the WW2 life. On top of that, the displays and artifacts are era-accurate and very interesting. All in all, this is a great place to visit if you love history, and you’ll find it educational, but also fun.

Sittingbourne, Kent

Visit the Sittingbourne parks

Sittingbourne has no shortage of parks, and we think there are plenty of options for you to check out. The Milton Creek County Park is a great one, mainly because it has a large playground for kids, but it’s also dog-friendly and a large park as well. Then you have the Sittingbourne Recreation Ground, the Milton Regis park, along with the Rectory Park. People also like the Central Park and the Iwade Nature park.

Plus, in the region around Sittingbourne you can also go to the Gore Park and Rose Hill Woods or the Cromer Wood park. All of these are a great option to consider if you love nature and want to step away from the busy life and challenges.

things to do in sittingbourne

Go to the Kent Kings Speedway

One of the best things to do in Sittingbourne is to go to the Speedway, where you get to see bike races that are adrenalin-filled, but also a lot of fun. The speedway has tons of races all the time, and the teams here feature many trained professionals. It’s a great opportunity to see some of the local motorists, but also engage into fast paced racing unlike never before.

Check the Yew Tree Farm School

Whether you have kids or just love animals, you’ll find this farm school to be extremely interesting. Once you visit it, you get to interact with these amazing animals, and learn more about them. The farm has all kinds of activities, including animal feeding. That’s what makes it such an excellent option, especially if you’re in love with these cute animals.

sittingbourne football club

Watch the Sittingbourne football club

The local Sittingbourne football club is quite good and they have some really talented players. What’s great about watching these matches is that you get to see really good football gameplay, not to mention you can interact with the locals as well. The team plays home quite often, so it’s a great idea to check them out for yourself.

Watch the Sittingbourne Rugby club

Sittingbourne has a football club, but they also have a rugby club. They train and also play games almost on a weekly basis. So there are chances to see them play live, and it’s a great idea to give their matches a shot. The local players are very talented, and you’ll find them to be extremely good at what they do. In the end, it’s just a lot of fun to check out how they play, especially if you enjoy rugby.

Join a boxing club

If you want to stay active, you can go to one of the numerous local gyms. However, if you want to focus more on self-defence for example, then Sittingbourne’s boxing clubs are right up your alley. There are some great boxing clubs in Sittingbourne.

These include the Rumbles Boxing Academy, the Dragonzlair Gym with their boxing club, the Swale Gloves Boxing Club, etc. Boxing can be a great way to exercise, but it can be very healthy since it boosts muscle mass growth. All in all, it’s a great idea to join a boxing club if you can, as it’s totally worth it.

Go Bowling

As we mentioned earlier, Sittingbourne is a great place for people that want to stay active. There are all kinds of places where you can go bowling and have quite a lot of fun playing. These are highly equipped, and you will find it an enjoyable experience to play some bowling in these locations. Some good recommendations are the Kemsley Bowling Club or the Milton Regis Bowls Club. There’s also the Swale Indoor Bowls Centre or the Appleyard Bowls Club. You just have to pick the option that fits your needs, and you are bound to have a great experience.

Visit some of the local gyms

When it comes to Sittingbourne gyms, you’ll notice there are quite a lot of them. What’s great about these local gyms is they have lots of equipment, so you can easily find one that fits your particular training style. And that’s fine, because there are plenty of options for you to keep in mind.

With that being said, the better local gyms are Snap Fitness, The Fitness Centre, Dragonzlair Gym, the Reynolds Fitness Spa or Crossfit 249. Regardless of what kind of fitness routine you are interested in, you will find a great set of gyms in Sittingbourne to fit your requirements. That’s why it can be a very good idea to take your time and narrow down the best Sittingbourne gyms that you like the most.

Massage in sittingbourne

Get a massage

There’s no denying that exploring Sittingbourne for the entire day can be exhausting. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to get a massage if you can. Thankfully, there are numerous massage establishments for you to explore. Reynolds Fitness Spa is a good place for you to get a massage if you want one, and these can be very relaxing.

You can also find some great places like Nadia Sport Massage Therapy or LiveWell Health that are great when it comes to sports massages. Plus, AquaManda Spa, Hedonist Beauty, Holistic Matters, Time Out Holistics, all of them provide a great set of options when it comes to massages. That’s a great way to ensure you have access to a very relaxing massage, and it can be incredibly fun too.

Plus, the best part is that you have flexible hours in most cases, not to mention the return on investment can be nothing short of extraordinary. You get to spend time unwinding and relaxing, while also eliminating a lot of potential downsides. That’s why it comes as highly recommended to give it a try for yourself, and we guarantee that you will have an excellent experience every time if you give these gyms a shot.

Grab a bit to eat at some of the local restaurants

Sittingbourne also doesn’t have any shortage of restaurants. With that in mind, they do an excellent job at bringing you a huge variety of restaurant types and meal options. A lot of people go to Sittingbourne and want to eat some of the local foods. But they might also want to try out something from a type of cuisine that they want.

Where should you eat some great food in Sittingbourne though? Thankfully, there’s no shortage of options. The Ephesus Lounge and Meze Bar offers great food, and you also have the Sentado Lounge which also brings in a great variety of food options as well. To make things evne better, you can also go to the Maharani Indian Restaurant, which is known for its delicacies and outstanding foods.

Another good option is Gabriella’s Thai and Mediterranean Restaurant, which offers a seamless blend of different food options for everyone to try out. The Vineyard Sittingbourne has lots of great cocktails and affordable food. Also, you should check out The Empress of India restaurant, the British Raj Sittingbourne or even the Marino Fish bar. It’s always great to try out new places to eat, and these restaurants or bars shown above are among some of the best in Sittingbourne. So if you want to grab a quick bite to eat, then these are by far some of the top options to keep in mind.

Go karting in kent

Go karting

If you’re looking to enjoy some go karting and stay active while in Sittingbourne, then you can go to the Bayford Meadows kart circuit. The circuit itself is extremely interesting and it’s also a whole lot of fun. The fact that you can also enter no matter if you are an expert or a newcomer is great in its own right. Of course, you will receive all the necessary training and assistance. But what really matters is the unique experience you can get here.

The karts are very fast, and the site itself covers 12 acres, so it’s quite large. Yet the best thing about this karting circuit has to be the numerous bends and the challenges that you will face. It’s not a long, open road. Instead, it has its twists and turns, something that you will find to be quite a lot of fun. At the same time, you can learn how to improve and test your might on the kart track. That’s why it’s always a good idea to check out this place, because it’s well worth exploring, especially if you want to test your driving skills or even improve them a little.

Explore the Sittingbourne Heritage Museum

You can’t visit Sittingbourne without going to the Heritage Museum. The museum has a plethora of objects with historical significance, all of which were donated by other museums and local residents. It’s a great place to see items ranging from medieval times and up to the 20th century. The museum’s collection is expanding all the time, and this is certainly one of the top museums in the region. Which means, if you are interested in all kinds of things to do in Sittingbourne, you should definitely consider exploring the museum.

Swallows Leisure Centre

In case you just want to spend quality time with your loved ones, the Swallows Leisure Centre in Sittingbourne has pretty much all you need. You have swimming lessons, along with themed activities, a gym space and all kinds of activities to try out. It’s definitely a top place for those that want to stay active and enjoy some great time to de-stress and unwind.


Go to the Sittingbourne and Kemsley Light Railway

The Sittingbourne and Kemsley Light Railway explore the country and it’s an industrial heritage railway. It’s great to see these amazing trains and the steam locomotive. What you will appreciate here is that you’re pretty much going back in time, exploring the region with a stunning steam locomotive and old school wagons.

Enjoy some of the local events

There’s a great event happening in Sittingbourne every week. Whether we are talking about music nights, theatrical productions, dancing events or workshops, it’s a good idea to check the local schedule and see what events are active in Sittingbourne while you’re in town. Rest assured that there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Go fishing at the Bax Farm Fishery

What’s nice about this fishery is that it has really good safety measures. Not only that, but there are plenty of fish types you can catch here. And yes, it’s also one of those places where you can relax and step away from any worries or challenges!

St Margaret of Antioch

Although the St Margaret of Antioch church is outside of Sittingbourne, we still believe it’s worth a visit. The Church is very old, it looks incredible, and it truly gives that unique, medieval vibe.  The setting itself brings you back to the medieval times, and the churchyard itself is very well maintained. On top of that, there’s a river walk area that you can check as well.


Sittingbourne certainly has lots of great things to do and places to see. Whether you like history, learning more about our past or just enjoy staying active and working out, you’re definitely going to find something enjoyable. It’s a great idea to explore all these amazing things to do and places to see, but also remember to try out the local food and restaurants!

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