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Explore Sittingbourne – Leisure and Sport activities in Sittingbourne, Kent 

Sittingbourne offers a great array of work opportunities, but it can be a wonderful place to unwind and relax. That’s why it’s a very good idea to check the local opportunities and narrow down what works for you. What you’ll notice is that Sittingbourne is full of amazing leisure activities, like the ones below!

Go to the Sittingbourne Leisure Centre

The Leisure Centre is one of the top places where you have tons of great activities to check out and enjoy. The advantage here is that you will have lots of fun and a really exciting time going through all the cool exploration features, challenges and so on. Plus, it’s great for groups as well as solo adventurers looking for a bit of fun.

Explore Sittingbourne – Leisure and Sport activities in Sittingbourne, Kent 


Go karting

The local Bayford Meadows Kart Circuit is great to visit, and you will find it to be extremely enjoyable. A lot of people like the Sittingbourne karting experience because not only is it engaging, it’s immersive and you will have a stellar time there. The amazing thing about karting is that you can go even as a newcomer, you will receive all the guidance and support that you need.

Park Run Sittingbourne

Park Run is a very popular weekly activity that is FREE of charge. It takes place at Milton Creek County Park. Every week you run 5k, and all you need to do is register.  It’s meant to encourage people to stay active, and it’s certainly one of the best options to consider if you want to stay in shape. There are new park runs taking place every Saturday at 9 AM. It’s well worth it for everyone who wants to stay active and in a great shape.

Local massage parlor

Sittingbourne has plenty of massage places that you can go to. It’s a great idea to get a massage from time to time, since it can help you relax and unwind quite a bit. At the end of the day, a simple massage makes a huge difference for your physical and also your mental health. You can check this link to find various massage therapy options!

Swale leisure centre

Bowling in Swale borough council and Kent

It’s another great idea to go bowling with a couple of friends. Not only is bowling a competitive sport where you can test your skills, but it’s also a whole lot of fun. There are some great moments you can enjoy while bowling, and there are some cool bowling spots in Sittingbourne as well. If you want to bowl in Sittingbourne, check Swale Indoor Bowls Centre Ltd, Milton Regis Bowls Club or TheLight-Sittingbourne among many others.

Local sport – Visit the local golf course

It’s also possible to enjoy some golf as well if you are in Sittingbourne. There’s a local golf course close to the city where a lot of people go to relax and play. The best part is that it’s quite a large course, and you can test your skills in a very fun way. At the end of the day, it always comes down to improving your golfing skills and having fun. The Sittingbourne Golf Centre is a solid option, along with the Sittingbourne & Milton Regis Golf Club, although the latter is a bit further from the city.

Sittingbourne football club

Go to the local Sittingbourne football club

Exploring the local football club and attending one of their matches is a great idea. It’s a fun place where you can go and immerse yourself into the uniqueness of this entire experience. That’s because there are some very talented players here. On top of that, games are fast paced, fun, and the location itself is great. If you’re in Sittingbourne, then going to the football club is certainly something to keep in mind!

Go to the local railway.

You will find it quite interesting and enjoyable to go on a ride like this. You will be in old school trains that will take you through the region and it certainly feels like you are back in time. Rest assured that it’s a lot of fun to check out, and the uniqueness of the experience is what sets it all apart. Plus, you can go from here to other places via the Sittingbourne & Kemsley Light Railway.



We encourage you to give it a try for yourself if you want to have a great experience. After you check this list, you will find it much easier to enjoy your time and create a very good list of activities. Whether you want to go and visit Sittingbourne alone or with friends, there’s no denying that the town itself has lots of amazing things for you to enjoy. Give it a try for yourself, and you will see why all these amazing spots/activities in Sittingbourne are something everyone should check out!

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