Covering Epsom, Kingston and Wimbledon.
When you commit to your personal goals and make physical fitness a priority, your body will thank you for it. Your improved health may lead not only in the direction of feeling better but also being able to reach new goals that were previously out-of-reach!
Personal training packages to bulk up, improve your upper-and core strength. Exercise Learn about our workout program for men or women who want an exercise routine designed just for them. Includes free weights and core conditioning.
If you want to lose weight, then I am the right personal trainer for you. My high intensity and nutritional advice will help improve your fitness level so that it’s easier than ever before!

I’m ready when we meet up at our first session together- let’s get started now by picking a workout plan that works best with where YOU are in life today

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A personal trainer is there to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Whether it’s losing weight, improving strength or having fun in group fitness classes – we make sure that our clients get the best value for their money. Mobile PT services are provided at established gyms around Epsom (or outside if necessary) but no matter where they take place; all of them will be tailored specifically towards what YOU want out OF this experience: results!

  • Professional, fully certified personal trainer in Epsom
  • Nutrition and metabolic conditioning
  • Functional fitness classes
  • Mobile personal training across Epsom
  • Personalised fitness & nutrition coaching
  • Group fitness with friends or classes at the gym
  • Intensive circuit training to improve cardio & burn fat
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Got A Question?


Based in the area of Epsom, I offer a range of personal trainer programmes to incorporate into your fitness routine. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions.

We are ready to get you on the right track. Get in touch for a free consultation so we can discuss your fitness goals. The first session will typically start off by meeting with me and running through a fitness check, during which time we can go over what you want from training sessions together.

Yes, I provide group sessions. My clients often enjoy the competition and motivation from exercising together as a team; it’s also nice to have friends along for your workout! If you’re interested in taking advantage of this special deal email me at [email protected] .

After one month of training, you will start to notice physical changes in your body and strength levels. You’ll also experience an increase in mood stability as well as the energy that lasts for days afterwards–all good signs towards achieving fitness goals.

But don’t stop there…we suggest continuing with personal training even when reaching our goal so we can maintain health over time.

You are not alone. Reaching a weight-loss plateau can be frustrating, but it’s not the end of your journey! You may have burned through some fat and gained muscle mass or you just haven’t lost any more inches in recent weeks – that’s totally fine by me too because each one counts as another day towards health & happiness.

While I am based in Wimbledon, I also travel to Epsom and Kingston. Depending on your requirement, we can work out in your home if space is available, in the gym if your membership permits, or if it is great weather, training in a local park.