Best Gyms In Wimbledon

Wimbledon has abundant open spaces, one of them being Wimbledon Common. This is a place where people can cycle, jog, walk, and even engage in different recreational exercises. Now, exercise is an absolute necessity if you want to stay fit. Even though exercising in outdoor spaces makes you feel better, it doesn’t have the much-required tools and equipment you will typically find in a gym. So, if you are thinking about the best gyms in Wimbledon, you have come to the right place because this article will tell you about some of the top gyms that you can start visiting today! Let’s get started.

Fitness Space

Location: 6 Wimbledon Bridge
Wimbledon, London
SW19 7NW

Located in the heart of Wimbledon, Fitness Space is one of the best gyms to visit. The gym is equipped with world-class and modern facilities. The top facilities of Fitness Space are- gym floor, studio, personal trainer, classes, and customized program. By becoming a member, you will enjoy more facilities, such as a dedicated fitness coach who will prepare a personalized exercise plan, get gym floor access, take part in group classes, and use the Fitness Space app and a regular customized programme. Finally, there’s no joining fee. The warm and friendly environment will keep you motivated to do exercises.
Whether you are new to exercising or a pro, Fitness Space won’t disappoint you with their thoughtful fitness classes tailored to your body requirements and strength.

To find more information you may call at +44 20 8914 7819.

Nuffield Health

Location: 37 The Broadway
SW19 1QB

Another popular gym in Wimbledon is Nuffield Health. Nuffield Health combines many things; they have hospitals, gyms, offer health assessments, mental health support, and much more. The gym facility provided by Nuffield Health is exemplary. The gym has state-of-the-art equipment, which will allow you to work on your whole body. In addition to this, they have dedicated training areas, multiple types of equipment, and new boutique classes to take care of people with different fitness requirements and wants. The top facilities offered by Nuffield Health are- new technology equipment, a large and spacious gym floor, My Wellbeing app, sauna/steam room, squash courts, creche, personal training, swimming lessons and classes.

Beginners will be provided with proper fitness classes offered by licensed and trained instructors, and for all the swimming enthusiasts, take swimming lessons and courses from the experts. The wide range of fitness classes offered by Nuffield Health will change your body for good.

To find more information you may call +44 20 8947 9627.

Anytime Fitness

Location: 16 Coombe Ln
Raynes Park
London SW20 8ND

Once you join the membership of Anytime Fitness, you will right away receive a free but no obligation fitness consultation, access to 4500+ gyms worldwide, and access to 160+ clubs throughout the UK. The best part about Anytime Fitness is that this gym remains open 24 x 7. So, just carry your duffle bag, a water bottle, and get going whenever you get time. Anytime Fitness has an exceptional team of trainers who are not just friendly and supportive but offer you fitness classes based on your health and body type.

You can grab the one-day free trial pass to check the features of Anytime Fitness and then decide whether you want to join them or not. Some of the top gym facilities offered by Anytime Fitness are- 24-hour access and security, parking, private bathrooms, worldwide club access, small group training, private showers, virtual classes, personal training, fitness plans, corporate discounts, free classes, state-of-the-art gym equipment that will involve equipment for strength, cardio, and more. In addition, anytime Fitness offers fitness classes for both regulars and beginners.

To find more information you may call +44 20 3745 6665.

Virgin Active

Location: Wimbledon Central
21-33 Worple Rd
London SW19 4JS

From expert classes to excellent gym equipment, if you are looking for one of the best gyms to visit, Virgin Active is the one to go to. Also, the list of best gyms in Wimbledon is incomplete without Virgin Active primarily because they have so much to offer. This gym provides a wide range of training and fitness courses designed for both experienced and beginners. Moreover, the gym is well-equipped with modern-day equipment, such as incumbent fitness bikes, treadmills, battle ropes, TRX, and so much more.

Their training program begins with a health and fitness assessment. Once the evaluation is done, you will be given a tailored nutrition and fitness plan, and finally, the personal trainer will help you learn the basics.

If you want more information, you may call + 44 20 8124 4121.

Bounce Gym & Injury Clinic

Location: 30 High Street
New Malden

The last one on the list is Bounce Gym & Injury Clinic, which boasts a 12,500 sq. fit gym and injury clinic with more than 40 classes per week. The trainers of Bounce focus on the new joiners and help them get started. People who have been injured can avail of the benefit of rehabilitation and treatment plans. This facility is available for both non-members and members. The trained fitness experts offer high-quality training plans. The team of trainers will include performance, strength and conditioning and personal trainers who work closely with clinicians to ensure that your customized training plan meets your requirements.

When it comes to the gym equipment, you will find every piece of equipment required to stay fit and healthy. You can apply for a trial day pass and visit the gym to check whether the gym lives up to your standard or not. Bounce treats you like a professional athlete to train like an athlete. From boxing to treadmill exercises, from rehabilitation to a complete personalized exercise program, you can expect everything from Bounce.

To get more information, you may call them at +44 20 8879 0094.

These are the top five gyms in Wimbledon that are worth checking out. It’s better to call each gym and enquire more to get the complete information. Each of them offers world-class facilities that will cater to your fitness requirements. So, get fit, healthy, and ready for a prosperous life!

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