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full body workout at home without equipment

12 Week Full body workout at home without equipment (week 7 0f 12)

12 Week 20 Minute HIIT Full body workout at home without equipment (Week 7)

Welcome to the 7th week of this 12 week full body workout at home without equipment for weight loss. The aim of this 12 week home workout schedule is to drop 5% body fat by Easter. Here are some of the previous weeks:


Full body 20 minute HIIT workout at home without equipment workout #7

The workout

Every exercise in this HIIT home workout schedule must be performed so that your heart is beating as fast and as hard as it can. Do not hold back any of your energy.

This is an all or nothing workout. Perform four circuits of the 5 exercises shown below. Rest in between each exercise. The work periods and rest periods are shown in the table below.

HIIT Work & Rest Periods According To Ability Level

  Exercise Length (seconds) Rest (seconds)
Beginner 15 45
Intermediate 20 40
Advanced 30 30

Exercises to perform in rotation


Knee tucks
Start with your shoulders raised from the floor and both your hands on your forehead. Your feet should be slightly raised of the floor. Bend your knees and hips and bend your trunk. Your body and knees should meet somewhere in the middle, and then lower both your upper body and lower body back to the floor.


Star crump push up
Start with your feet on the floor and hands shoulder width apart. Jump your hands and feet off the floor and widen your arms and legs and land with your arms bent wider then shoulder width and with your chest to the floor. Your feet should also be wider then shoulder width apart. Perform another jump and return your hands to shoulder width and feet to hip width apart.


Side lunge jumps
Your feet should be wider then shoulder width apart when you lunge down by bending your knees. Once you reach as low as you can jump up and land with your feet together.


Plank scorpion
Start in the plank position and raise one of your legs off the floor and into the air. Rotate your hips and trunk so that the raised leg moves closer toward the floor until it touches. Once it has touched reverse the motion and repeat with the other leg.

The chair
Find a wall to lean against and then bend your knees till you are at 90 degrees. You have to stand in that position for the required time.

Ab home workout schedule #7

12 week workout program

The workout

Perform each of the exercises shown in the table below one after the other. You are going to perform either 3 to 4 circuits (sets) for this home workout schedule. After each set rest before performing the next circuit.

Ab Workout Routine for Your Ability

  Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Exercise Reps Sets Rest Reps Sets Rest Reps Sets Rest
Side way scissors 10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
Oblique Curl 10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
Plank 15 sec 3 45 30 sec 4 45 60 sec 4 30
Vertical scissors 10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
Dorsal raises 10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30

Exercises with full description


Dorsel raise with single leg and arm raise
The goal is to raise your trunk in the air as high as you can and raise one arm and the opposite leg at the same time to work the lower back muscles. Keep looking down at the floor as you raise your trunk.


Oblique curl with double leg raise
Lie on your side with a slight bend in both knees. Place one hand on your temple and keep the other arm extended on the floor. Raise both your legs off the floor in a sideward direction towards the ceiling. At the same time raise your trunk towards the ceiling by side bending.


Hold your bodies weight on your elbows and keep your feet on the floor shoulder width apart. Hold this position as long as you can.


Side way scissors
Move your feet side to side while laying on your back. Your feet must move as fast as they can and you should make sure your feet move wider then shoulder width.


Vertical scissors
Lie on your back and move your feet in an up and down motion as quickly as you can. Keep your lower back on the floor.

full body workout

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