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Boxing sittingbourne

Boxing Sittingbourne

Boxing Sittingbourne – Find The Best Boxing Coach and Gym in Sittingbourne, Kent.

If you’re looking to stay active and also in good shape, then boxing in Sittingbourne can be a very good idea. Not only there are plenty of places where you can box within Sittingbourne, but they can help with a large variety of levels too. That’s why it’s important to figure out what boxing club fits your requirements first. Then you can narrow down to more specific details, as you make your final choice.

Where can you find a boxing coach to start boxing in Sittingbourne?

When you want to start boxing in Sittingbourne, you will notice there are a few major places for you to check out. These include:

Dragonzlair Gym Sittingbourne

Each one of these can be a very good option if you are serious about boxing and want to get started. Plus, the fact that you don’t have to go away from Sittingbourne to find a good boxing club is great. You can train locally, which can make it very easy to access. That alone can deliver an exceptional benefit in the long term.

What kind of age groups are supported?

Depending on the Sittingbourne boxing company you want to work with, each one of them will have specific age groups. But for the most part, all boxing academies will have junior, teenager and adult groups. Some might focus more on younger generations. But there are groups for everyone, regardless of their experience. So if you’re looking to find a boxing class that fits your needs, all the aforementioned boxing academies will have one.

Opening and closing times

On average, most boxing clubs will open very early morning, sometimes around 6-7 AM. When it comes to the closing time, that can differ, but usually it’s around 8 PM. Of course, some companies don’t work during the weekend, or they have a shorter schedule. But for the most part, even if you have a packed schedule, you can still go boxing without a problem and train for a little bit or as much as you can.

Training programs for boxers

What’s great about most boxing academies in Sittingbourne is their training program. Each academy has its own program, of course. But what you will notice is that all of these training programs are for a variety of levels. So even if you are a newcomer or someone with experience, you are bound to find a program that fits your needs. Most of these include lots of training too, which is extremely important to think about.

Sittingbourne boxing


The thing to note about boxing in Sittingbourne is that pricing will vary based on what training you want. it’s common to pay anywhere from £25 to £35 or more per hour. That will differ quite a lot based on the experience level and assistance that you may need.

Do they offer a boxing coach or personl trainer?

It depends on your level, but you can go and train at your own pace. Ideally, however, you will need a trainer that you work with. That will give you the type of training you need, while also ensuring you are progressing the right way. A boxing trainer in Sittingbourne will always try to guide you on the right path towards progressing, and that can help make a huge difference.

Using this information will help you decide what’s the best place to go boxing in Sittingbourne. The reality is that every boxing location is great in its own right. However, you want to ensure that you are picking the best option to fit your needs. We highly recommend taking your time and picking the best boxing locale that fits your requirements. Create a list with all those things you expect from a boxing academy. You also want to ensure that they fit your current experience level!

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