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20 minute hiit workout

4-12 Week 20 Minute HIIT Workout Challenge (Week 2)

4-12 Week 20 Minute HIIT Workout Challenge (Week 2)

Welcome to week two of your 20 minute HIIT workout challenge. As mentioned in week one the exercises have changed to prevent boredom, and to further challenge your body. If you are also doing the diet plan to help support your transformation remember to weight yourself and measure your waist in inches from week to week. If you are joining us on week 2 and you want a full explanation of this workout click here or click on the link to see week 1. Remember to download an interval timer app for your android or Iphone

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20 Minute HIIT Workout

The workout

Each exercise will be performed one after the other. The idea is to work at 100% for 30 seconds. Do not hold some energy back because you think you may be tired for the next round. This is a high intensity workout so you probably will not be recovered by your next set.

Exercises to perform in rotation

  • Curtsey lunge
  • Plank
  • Squat thrusts
  • Staggered push ups
  • Star jumps

HIIT Work & Rest Periods According To Ability Level

Exercise Length (seconds) Rest (seconds)
Beginner 15 45
Intermediate 20 40
Advanced 30 30

Full description of exercises

Curtsey lunge 3-month-weight-loss-workout-plan Start with your feet together and lunge to one side. As you lunge to the side one leg stays in the start position whilst the other leg goes behind you and to the side. Once that leg touches the floor bend both your legs as much as you can and then repeat this motion to the other side. Plank 3-month-weight-loss-plan-male Only your toes and elbows should be in contact with the floor. Keep your shoulders, hips and ankles in a straight line and hold this position. Squat thrusts 3-month-weight-loss-plan-pdf Start with your feet on the floor as well as both hands. Bring your knees into your chest one at a time as quickly as you can. Staggered push ups how-to-lose-2-stone-in-3-months Start with both your arms shoulder width apart. One arm will be above your upper chest, while the other arm will be below your lower chest. Lower your chest till it touches the floor and then raise your body up by straightening your arms. Ensure that your hips do not drop down. Star jumps how-to-lose-3-stone-in-3-months Jump up and down, and on your first jump raise your arms above shoulder level to the side of your body, while bringing both your legs away from the mid line of your body. Land on the floor and on your next jump bring your feet and arms back to the mid line of your body. Aim for two star jumps a second.

Ab workout

The workout

Do each exercise one after the other in a circuit. You are allowed only five second rest between doing your knee raises, Russian twist, plank with shoulder touches, dorsal raises and side plank crunches. Once you have finsished the exercises rest for the time period set out for your ability level. You will also do the amount of repetitions set out according to your ability.

                Ab Workout Routine for Your Ability

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Reps Sets Rest Reps Sets Rest Reps Sets Rest
10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30

Exercises with full description

Knee raises 3-month-workout-pkan-female Lie on your back and raise your legs off the floor so that your knees and hips are bent to 90 degrees. Raise your bum and lower back off the floor 3-4 inches so that your knee moves up in a straight line. Russian twist 12-week-workout-pkan-female Start with your arms straight and directly in front of your chest. Raise your feet off the floor and rotate your trunk to one side and your legs to the other Plank with shoulder touches 4-week-workout-pkan-female Start  with your hands and feet on the floor both should be no wider then shoulder wifth apart. Keep your hips raised and touch one of your shoulders with one hand and then place that hand back on the floor. Touch your shoulder with the other hand and hold for 2 seconds before placing back on the floor. Dorsel raise 8-week-workout-program-female Start with your feet on the floor while lying on your stomach. You will place your hands on your forehead and keep your face looking down at the floor at all times. Raise your head and chest off the floor and then slowly return to the start position. Side plank crunches 12-week-weight-loss-workout-plan Lay down on your side with your hips raised In the air. Raise your hips up as high as you can and then lower your hips down to the floor in a controlled manner. Keep moving your hips up and down for the required amount of repetitions.

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