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HIIT workout

4 -12 Week Plan: 20 minute hiit workout for beginners (week 4)

20 minute hiit workout for beginners (Week 4 of 12)

20 minute hiit workout for beginners  – Welcome to week 4 of my 4 week weight loss workout plan. If your goal was to only do the 4 weeks then well done for making it to the end.

If you are doing the full 12 weeks then you are almost half way there. For anyone who has joined us at this stage please start at week 1. 

Previous weeks of my 4 week weight loss workout plan:

4 week workout plan


The 20 Minute HIIT workout for begginers

Perform all five exercises and do as many repetitions as you can. Keep count of how many repetitions you do in each set. To give you an idea of how hard you should work try and do 2 repetitions per second on the mountain climbers.

HIIT Work & Rest Periods According To Ability Level

  Exercise Length (seconds) Rest (seconds)
Beginner 15 45
Intermediate 20 40
Advanced 30 30

Exercises to perform in rotation

  1. Mountain climbers
  2. Plank spiders
  3. Press ups with feet on chair
  4. Walking lunge
  5. Triceps dips on chair

Exercises with full description

20-minute workout

Mountain climbers
Start with your feet on the floor as well as both hands. Bring your knees into your chest one at a time as quickly as you can. Aim for 30 repetitions in 15 seconds, 40 in 20 seconds, and 60 repetitions in 30 seconds.

Plank spiders
Place all your bodies weight on your elbows, and have your feet on the ground hip width apart. Bring one foot up of the floor and drive your knee as high up the side of your body as you can. The arch of your foot should be parallel to the floor.

Press ups with feet on chair
Place your feet on a chair and make sure there is a straight line between your ankles. Hips and shoulders. Lower your chest until it touches the floor and straighten your arms to return to the start position. Your arms should be shoulder width apart throughout the press up.

Walking lunge
Step forward and make sure that as you bend your knees that both your legs are close to a 90-degree angle. When you straighten your leg to stand up move your back leg forward and place it a few feet in front of you and lunge down. Your back leg becomes your front leg, and you want to repeat this for the full 30 seconds.

Triceps dips on chair
Place your hands on the chair with your hand fingers facing in a forward direction. Keep your back close to the chair and start with your arms straight. Bend your knees so that your bum moves closer to the floor and that your arms are at 90 degrees bend. Straighten your elbow joint to raise your bum and body up.


Week 4 Ab workout Plan For Weight Loss

The workout

Perform all five exercises one after the other with a five second break in between. Look at the table below to see how many reps or the duration of the exercise for your fitness level.

Ab Workout Routine for Your Ability

  Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Exercise Reps Sets Rest Reps Sets Rest Reps Sets Rest
Side way scissors 10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
Oblique twists 10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
Side plank reach and rotate 10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
Plank with shoulder touches 10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30
Dorsal raises 10 3 45 15 4 45 20 4 30

Exercises with full description

Oblique twist advanced
Lie on your back and fully extend your legs so that your feet are directly above your hips in the air. Rotate your feet towards the floor on both sides one after the other. Make sure that your shoulder never raises up from the floor.

Vertical scissors
Lie on your back with your feet 6 inches from the floor. Raise your legs up and down moving your feet two foot apart in a vertical direction. Make sure you alternate legs and keep your lower back on the floor.

Side plank oblique twist
Start in the side plank position but have one hand on your forehead. Start to rotate your body until your elbow is facing down towards the floor and your trunk is fully rotated. Rotate your trunk in the opposite direction until you are back in the start position.

Plank crunches
Start in the plank position and move your hips down towards the floor and then up as high as you can. Keep repeating this movement until you have completed the set.

Dorsal raise
Lay down with your stomach on the floor and your head facing downwards. You will elevate your head from the floor, and keep your eyes looking at the floor. You will make sure that your bum is tensed as you raise and lower your body.

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