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We value your fitness. When you make your physical fitness journey a priority, you reap the rewards of having a strong body, increased energy levels, and overall wellness. Improve your fitness levels and achieve your personal goals.
Personal training packages to bulk up, improve your upper and core strength. Learn about our strength training program and start building those muscles now!
If one of your fitness goals is to lose weight, then you have chosen the best personal trainer. High intensity and nutritional advice to help improve your fitness level and live a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Personal trainers are all about helping you reach your health and fitness goals through exercise. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your strength, or enjoy our group classes for good fun, we make sure that you get the best value for your money. Mobile personal training services are provided in an established Wimbledon gym or in a local park in and around the Wimbledon area.

  • Professional, fully certified personal trainer in Wimbledon
  • Our clients are 100% satisfied with our service
  • Mobile personal training across Wimbledon
  • Personalised fitness & nutrition coaching
  • Improve & support your lifestyle
  • Be part of a fun and accountable health and fitness family
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Got A Question?


Based in Wimbledon village, I offer a range of exercise and training programmes to incorporate into your fitness routine. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Get in touch for a free consultation to discuss your fitness goals. Most importantly, typically the first training session with one another will be used to gauge your fitness level and involve some light exercises.

Yes, I do. My clients often find it more enjoyable to exercise with friends as it adds some friendly competition and motivation to push you further. There is also a discount for group exercises.

Results are not typical and vary from person to person. We track your progress throughout to ensure you are on track to meet your goals.

In a month, you will start to feel lighter and notice physical changes in your body and your energy levels, strength, and mood. After three months, you will be on the right path and your physical transformation becomes noticeable by other people.

Reaching a plateau in your weight loss journey is normal. There are other factors beyond the scale. Sometimes, you don’t lose weight, yet you lose inches. Other times, you’ve burned fats and gained muscle mass. You have to remember these other factors. I am here to support you and aid you to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Get in touch with us today to review how we can push you that little bit further.

While I am based in Wimbledon, I also travel to Epsom and Kingston. Depending on your requirement, we can work out in your home if space is available, in the gym if your membership permits, or if it is great weather, training in a local park.

Our sessions are tailored to each client depending on their current fitness levels and goals. We try to ensure sessions are fun and exercises are integrated to test your body to ensure you get the most out of sessions.

Personal training workouts are usually 1 hour.

Each person is completely different and has their own fitness goals. We can help provide nutritional advice to help complement your training sessions. Whether that means maintaining your current weight or putting on more muscle, we can help you with nutrition and support you in the right direction to achieve your workout goals.

This depends on your current fitness levels and your end goals. If you want to lose weight, you must end each day in a calorie deficit. The experienced WPT Fitness team will advise you on the best practises depending on your weight goals.

Currently, we do not offer Yoga. However, we have some excellent contacts in Wimbledon and South London areas.